Pirelli to Debut New Hypersoft Tire at Formula One Monaco

Pirelli, Formula One’s official tire partner, is unveiling its latest tire compound; the hypersoft. It is said to be the fastest tire in racing history, and shall be colored pink after a poll was held by Pirelli on social media. Based on F1 guidelines, each driver must use one set of hypersofts for the qualifying race and save a set of each supersoft and ultrasoft for the race. Each team then chooses the remaining 10 of 13 sets for use for the rest of the weekend as they see necessary to win. The all-new tires replace the purple ultrasoft as the softest option available.

Pirelli predicts using the hypersofts will result in 0.7 – 0.8 second faster laps in Monaco. According to Formula One, “The current qualifying lap record is 1 minute and 12.178 seconds, which was set by Kimi Raikkonen when the Ferrari driver took pole position for last year’s race.”

The hypersofts will be available for the first Grand Pix weekend in the May F1 Monaco race, and should you have a proxy to purchase, you may send your sets to your MSB Europe address.


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