Black Friday: Prelude

As November swings by once again, the biggest shopping event of the year hovers in the horizon: Black Friday.

As the deals get better every year, so does the competition. Nothing stings quite as much as seeing a piece of clothing or that awesome video game you’ve had your eye on for months go for up to 70% off, only to lose out because you were too slow and unprepared; here are a few tips and tricks to keep you one step ahead of the crowd.

1. Shop Online
Contrary to popular belief, staying in on Black Friday may actually be a smarter move than going out and setting up camp in front of your favorite store. With a proper gameplan, a few extra vouchers, and quick fingers, you’ll likely come out with a larger and more diverse haul than those who are running and shoving to get one item at the brick and mortar. Do your research, set an alarm, stay in your pajamas, and add to cart.

2. Pick Your Targets
It’s time to go old school. Take pen to paper and get ready to list down which items you want and where you can get them. Start by putting together a watch list and keep those tabs bookmarked, and make sure they’re literally one click away from your shopping cart come November 24th.

3. Sign Up Early
Once you have your list of grails, head on to each of the sites that have them and sign up for an account if needed and subscribe to their email newsletter. You wouldn’t want to spend those valuable first few minutes of Black Friday filling out forms while everyone and their bot is checking out. Get in there early and stay logged in. While you’re at it, those newsletters might be able to give you some valuable info prior to the big day, and maybe even give you some extra discounts.

4. Be Paypal and Bank Ready
Nothing is worse than losing on a technicality. Make sure your credit cards are up to date and your Paypal account is locked and loaded. Let’s make sure we don’t see any avoidable error messages on the big day.

5. Have a Priority Gameplan
Even the most foolproof plans can go haywire sometimes, but winners never let a loss define them. Set your wishlist priorities and focus on your big targets first, if something goes wrong, make sure your next option is decided and also just a click away. It’s always better to walk away with something than go home empty handed after all that preparation. Be ready for anything and think positive!

Super Important: Make Sure You Have Your U.S. Address Ready!
What good is your dream haul without a trustworthy place to ship it to? Make sure you have your own suite in the United States ready by signing up with My Shopping Box today.

We’ll be in touch with more tips and tricks and suggestions under the radar, happy shopping everyone!

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