LEGO Coming Out with Harry Potter, Star Wars, and More Soon

While model trains aren’t exactly flying off the shelves these days, LEGO trains seem to be all the rage. The Creator Expert: Roller Coaster set pictured above not only has a working chain lift, 2 trains with 3 cars, and eleven minifigs, it also has an MSRP of a cool $379—which hasn’t seemed to deter die-hard LEGO fans. Also due for release is the Lego City Passenger Train set ($159) which is also part of the Powered Up sets.

LEGO releases an almost-absurd number of new franchise sets all the time, but fans of Star Wars and Harry Potter will want to sit up and take notice. These new sets take the amount of detail and polish to a new level. Here is just a sample of what’s going to be coming out throughout the rest of the year:

Quidditch Match Set ($39)

The Hogwarts Express Set ($39)

Isn’t this the cutest little Dementor?

The Hogwarts Great Hall ($99)

X-wing Starfighter ($79), release scheduled for August

Kessel Run Milennium Falcon ($169)

Y-wing Starfighter ($199)

Also really cool are the Powered Up sets that incorporate remote controls, smart device connections, and the LEGO Boost coding toolkit.

Among those is the LEGO Batman App-Controlled Batmobile, which is already causing something of a stir. It’s… admittedly a little more Humvee than Lambo, but that’s probably to account for the fact that it needs to house actual motorized parts and still be affordable. At an MSRP of $99, it’s a pretty good deal for the first ever LEGO Batmobile you’ll be able to actually drive. The Powered Up platform officially launches on July 1 with mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Most of these are rumored to be out in July or August, and will be available from the LEGO shop upon release.

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