Maximizing Value: Getting The Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday ads and promotions have already been running for a while now. As Thanksgiving draws closer retailers are going to continue to try and entice discount-hungry shoppers. While it’s true that this week will give us some of the deepest discounts that can be had for popular items, if you’re really looking to maximize the value you get out of this holiday you may need to dig a bit deeper.

Online stores will offer what seem to be good prices but will basically be nearly the same as their year-round pricing. Don’t fall for these schemes! Particularly unscrupulous retailers will jack up the prices before Black Friday so when it rolls around they’ll be able to offer “discounts” that put the cost at the same level or even slightly higher than regular price.

If you want to get the best deals, here are the items to put on your priority list:

  • DVDs/Bluray discs

New and old DVDs and Blurays will be offered at what will probably be their lowest prices throughout the year. Even recent releases can be a part of this trend, so if you missed any big movies in 2018 this may be the best time to catch up. Box sets and collectibles in particular can receive massive discounts. If you’re looking to round out your collection of a favorite show or you want to have the definitive, highest-quality version of your perfect movie, now is going to be a great time to do it.

  • Video Game Console Bundles

It’s important to make the distinction here: historically this applies only to bundles that include at least one game. Standalone consoles typically don’t get big discounts. An example bundle would have the console, controllers, a game, and possibly some form of month subscription to the console’s online service. Considering the fact that you’re probably going to want all those things anyway, it’s a good deal. As a corollary to this, games can also go on deep sales this month. Amazon and Best Buy seem to have the most consistent discounts on games from what we’ve seen.

  • Software

You would normally think of laptops and monitors for your Black Friday tech shopping, but surprisingly even software vendors give some of their best discounts during this time as well. Adobe’s Creative Cloud software suite is currently down to 39.99 USD/mo for a year compared to the normal 52.99 USD/mo, so it’s a deal that pays off until the next Black Friday. Pretty damn good if you’re someone who needs this kind of software. Other popular paid software usually goes on sale at this time as well.

  • Headphones and Earphones

We’ve seen consistent discounts on these each year. Whether you want to go trendy with a bluetooth set for the gym or want to get some truly audiophile-level gear, it’s a good idea to nab your next pair of ‘phones in November. Normally pricey sets like the Beats Solo 3 Wireless can get discounts up to almost 50%! That turns an acceptable headphone into an absolute steal.

There are a ton of other great deals to be had out there—the real key is to be prepared! Keep looking online throughout the week and go for deals that are good compared to the price of the item for the rest of the year. One other key aspect to consider is shipping charges: for some products this can easily double the cost of the item! Luckily, My Shopping Box provides you with a free U.S. shipping address for your Black Friday items, cutting the cost for your items to get to you. Just use the address on your MSB account for anything you want to buy from Black Friday sales and enjoy the best deals available this year.

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