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Amazon Shopping from the Philippines: Here’s the Easiest Way To Do It!

My Shopping Box makes it easy to ship from Amazon to Philippines.


It goes without saying that the internet has revolutionized the way we do shopping. Among the countless online retailers in the world, there is one name that unanimously dominates the pack – Amazon.


From starting as a simple online bookstore in 1994 in Bellevue, Washington, it’s’ now a full-blown retail empire valued at $740B that has set up shop in over 15 countries with almost 150 million customers served weekly. If Amazon were a country of active users, it would be twice the size of Canada. Now, Amazon’s warehouses occupy more space than 700 Madison Square Gardens.


Now, more than half of the world’s population enjoy the perks of shopping online for a vast selection of items without leaving the comforts of their home. All thanks to the fourth most valuable company in the world.


Unfortunately for us, Amazon shopping in the Philippines isn’t  much of a thing yet. While our e-commerce industry has indeed been booming, the variety of goods available in Amazon USA or Europe is immensely incomparable. At times, the same item would be less expensive if purchased abroad. One solution to this is to sign up directly for an international Amazon account and go through the usual entities to deliver the items to the Philippines.


As simple as this sounds, international shipping is still not a pleasant experience for us. Aside from the inconvenience of picking it up elsewhere and the unease of going through an unknown courier, international shipping fees can be quite unpredictable. Recently, Amazon has established its own logistics service called AmazonGlobal to handle its international shipments. However, the rates can still be exorbitant despite the cheaper cost of buying the item abroad.


How Filipinos Can Shop Easily on Amazon

All hope is not lost. There are services available in the Philippines that can help solve your international shipping woes, such as, My Shopping Box. Through My Shopping Box, you can purchase items from Amazon US or Europe and ship it directly to your doorstep through our delivery service. Now, you can enjoy the full scope of Amazon’s assortment of items and the practicality of purchasing the item abroad for less the price. My Shopping Box has built warehouse facilities in Burbank, California and in Milan, Italy that both function as your free international shipping address.


Through our well-established logistics channels, we are able to bring your item from international borders straight to your Philippine address with just a few clicks. What’s more, our published rates for either air shipping or sea shipping are all-in. Our rates are at $5.99 / lb for air freight and $2.99 / lb for sea freight. Air freight takes 10-12 business days and sea freight takes 45-60 days. Now, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs and being in the dark of how much your shipping fee you’ll have to pay.


To help you have a better idea of your item’s shipping cost, you can use our site’s built-in shipping calculator. Note that in shipping terms, the weight of the item can mean two things – actual weight and volumetric weight. Actual weight is the package’s actual weight. Volumetric weight is the volume of space the package occupies in- freight that’s computed by length, width, and height of the package.


Sign up for a free My Shopping Box account to shop and ship from Amazon to Philippines.


Shopping in Amazon international and shipping it to the Philippines should not be as complicated as it seems – thanks to My Shopping Box. Signing up is just as easy too. All you have to do is:


  1. Sign up for a free My Shopping Box account
  2. Fill out your Billing Address, where we charge your credit card, and your Delivery Address, the address where we deliver your items in the Philippines.
  3. Take note of your free international MSB Shipping Address in the US and Europe.
  4. Purchase an item from Amazon US or Europe. On the Shipping Address portion, indicate your US or Europe MSB Shipping Address.
  5. Wait for your item to arrive in our US or Europe facility.
  6. Note that you will be notified via e-mail after 2-3 business days after your item has arrived in our warehouse. Note that we will also provide you a photo of your item to ensure that the right item was delivered to our warehouse, and that it is in good condition.
  7. Select your desired mode of delivery – air freight or sea freight and check out.
  8. Wait for your item to arrive. We will provide you with a tracking number so you know where your item is.



Shopping for an item abroad has its perks. You have an unbelievable selection of items available for consumers, and the total value of the item plus the international shipping cost is at times, even cheaper than buying the same item here. My Shopping Box allows you access to shopping beyond Philippine borders and provides you with an unparalleled customer service to ease all your anxieties about international shopping.


With My Shopping Box, you can now enjoy shopping for items on Amazon!



Let us Gift Wrap Your Mother’s Day Gift! #MSBMom


Shop from stores all over the world, and we’ll wrap your gift for her – at no additional cost.


All you have to do is select “Gift Wrapping Options” on your Shipment Dashboard and tell us what you want the gift tag to say. Let us know who you’re addressing it to, who you want the label to say its from, and a short dedication for your lucky gift receiver.




After that, just check out and pay for your package as normal, and just sit back and let us take care of the rest. If you want your packages to be delivered in time for Mother’s Day, please make sure that we receive your items in our warehouse by April 25 and authorize your package by air.



*Gift-wrapping option valid for items received in the warehouse until May 17. This is a free service and only available to our Metro Manila subscribers. If you want to see this service available next year at your delivery location, let us know at [email protected]

Maximizing Value: Getting The Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday ads and promotions have already been running for a while now. As Thanksgiving draws closer retailers are going to continue to try and entice discount-hungry shoppers. While it’s true that this week will give us some of the deepest discounts that can be had for popular items, if you’re really looking to maximize the value you get out of this holiday you may need to dig a bit deeper.

Online stores will offer what seem to be good prices but will basically be nearly the same as their year-round pricing. Don’t fall for these schemes! Particularly unscrupulous retailers will jack up the prices before Black Friday so when it rolls around they’ll be able to offer “discounts” that put the cost at the same level or even slightly higher than regular price.

If you want to get the best deals, here are the items to put on your priority list:

  • DVDs/Bluray discs

New and old DVDs and Blurays will be offered at what will probably be their lowest prices throughout the year. Even recent releases can be a part of this trend, so if you missed any big movies in 2018 this may be the best time to catch up. Box sets and collectibles in particular can receive massive discounts. If you’re looking to round out your collection of a favorite show or you want to have the definitive, highest-quality version of your perfect movie, now is going to be a great time to do it.

  • Video Game Console Bundles

It’s important to make the distinction here: historically this applies only to bundles that include at least one game. Standalone consoles typically don’t get big discounts. An example bundle would have the console, controllers, a game, and possibly some form of month subscription to the console’s online service. Considering the fact that you’re probably going to want all those things anyway, it’s a good deal. As a corollary to this, games can also go on deep sales this month. Amazon and Best Buy seem to have the most consistent discounts on games from what we’ve seen.

  • Software

You would normally think of laptops and monitors for your Black Friday tech shopping, but surprisingly even software vendors give some of their best discounts during this time as well. Adobe’s Creative Cloud software suite is currently down to 39.99 USD/mo for a year compared to the normal 52.99 USD/mo, so it’s a deal that pays off until the next Black Friday. Pretty damn good if you’re someone who needs this kind of software. Other popular paid software usually goes on sale at this time as well.

  • Headphones and Earphones

We’ve seen consistent discounts on these each year. Whether you want to go trendy with a bluetooth set for the gym or want to get some truly audiophile-level gear, it’s a good idea to nab your next pair of ‘phones in November. Normally pricey sets like the Beats Solo 3 Wireless can get discounts up to almost 50%! That turns an acceptable headphone into an absolute steal.

There are a ton of other great deals to be had out there—the real key is to be prepared! Keep looking online throughout the week and go for deals that are good compared to the price of the item for the rest of the year. One other key aspect to consider is shipping charges: for some products this can easily double the cost of the item! Luckily, My Shopping Box provides you with a free U.S. shipping address for your Black Friday items, cutting the cost for your items to get to you. Just use the address on your MSB account for anything you want to buy from Black Friday sales and enjoy the best deals available this year.

The Value-Oriented Shopper: Be Frugal, Don’t Be Cheap

Have you ever looked at your full closet and thought, there’s nothing in here I want to wear? Have you bought dozens of bargain-bin items only to never, ever use them? Then it might be time to think critically about how you shop and the kinds of items you’re looking for.

There’s this misconception that frugality and cheapness are effectively the same. The idea that chasing the lowest possible cost is the way to save money in the long run is one that we believe is incorrect. The concept of frugality is one of maximizing the value you get for the money you spend, instead of simply looking at the price of an item as the end-all-be-all of whether or not you should buy it. This is great because it can actually save us money in the long run.

For a more succinct illustration of the idea, we’ll turn to Terry Pratchett, in a quote from his fantasy novel Men At Arms:

“The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money. 

Take boots, for example. He earned thirty-eight dollars a month plus allowances. A really good pair of leather boots cost fifty dollars. But an affordable pair of boots, which were sort of OK for a season or two and then leaked like hell when the cardboard gave out, cost about ten dollars. Those were the kind of boots Vimes always bought, and wore until the soles were so thin that he could tell where he was in Ankh-Morpork on a foggy night by the feel of the cobbles.

But the thing was that good boots lasted for years and years. A man who could afford fifty dollars had a pair of boots that’d still be keeping his feet dry in ten years’ time, while the poor man who could only afford cheap boots would have spent a hundred dollars on boots in the same time and would still have wet feet.”

We’ll leave discussion of Vimes’ ideas about socioeconomic unfairness up to someone else, but the core idea is sound: you spend less by buying a good, more expensive item that will last for a long time as opposed to buying the cheapest item over and over again.

Not only do you get better features, materials, and whatnot with the better item, when we choose each item we buy with care, we tend to appreciate them more. Looking through your closet or your makeup kit and being able to say, “I like everything here” is something that’s really priceless. Let’s spend less time regretting the things we’ve bought and more time enjoying them.

To kickstart your own frugal journey, here are some of our picks for great-value items:

  • Watch: Timex Weekender — A simple, reliable timepiece on a simple, reliable NATO strap. Tons of options for both face and strap color combinations. At only $30 this is the best you can get for this price.

  • Foundation: L’Oréal True Match — the quintessential drugstore foundation. It’s lightweight, non-caking, and comes in tons of shades. It’s very affordable for the amount and quality of foundation you get.

  • Basic Minimal Sneakers: Clae Bradley — they’re the Adidas Stan Smiths, but upgraded. Slimmer silhouette, better leather (the Stans have notoriously crinkly/brittle leather), and more colorways.

A Beginner’s Guide to Eco-friendly Shopping

These days it’s become important to be mindful of our social responsibility, even as consumers. Brands are becoming more and more open about how they run their businesses and how their products affect the environment. Our part, as consumers, is to make the best choices we can regarding the things we buy and, most importantly, how we buy them. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to go without your favorite food, clothing, electronics, etc. Today we’ll teach you a little bit about how you can start to shop in an eco-friendly way.

The core: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Yes, we love to shop. Yes, it’s nearly impossible to go zero-waste without making huge changes in our lifestyles. But that doesn’t mean we can’t contribute in our own little way. Buy less by buying in bulk, reuse your plastic/eco bags, recycle the cardboard boxes your items come in. Every little bit counts.

Look for brands who pay fairly

It’s going to be nearly impossible for the average consumer to understand the environmental impact of an item they’re buying. Supply chain logistics are incredibly complex and only experts can truly say whether or not your purchase has an adverse impact on the world. Instead of trying to tackle that, go simpler: buy from brands who can, at least, pay their workers fairly. Brands are starting to include reports about the working conditions, pay, and benefits of their employees — making it easy to see who treats their people like actual people. While there’s going to be a ton of debate whether or not your organic cotton t-shirt actually benefits the environment, knowing that your purchase helped a mother of two earn a fair wage in decent working conditions is something most people can agree is good.

Shop online instead

Here’s our personal favorite tip. Make use of the convenience of online shopping! Research has shown that buying online from the start is better than going to a store. There’s a pretty simple reason for this: a reduced number of trips to and from the place of purchase. If you drive over to a physical store, that’s one trip just for one item. A full 22% of an item’s climate impact comes from the process of a consumer driving to the store to get it! A delivery truck will use much less fuel per package compared to each individual package recipient going to a physical store to pick up an item. Think of it like public transportation for your purchase. The only caveat: it costs a lot of resources and adds a large amount to carbon emissions to do re-deliveries, so make sure there’s someone at home to receive your package.

There’s a couple more aspects to the online shopping experience which you should take into account:

  • Packaging options — try to request for minimal packaging if possible. There’s a ton of waste involved with normal packaging procedures. We’re sure that you’ve heard of people receiving tiny items in comically large boxes full of nothing but packing peanuts. You can email the online retailer you’re shopping from to see if they can cut down on your packaging if you’re buying non-fragile items such as clothes. You can also, like we said before, buy your items in bulk, lowering the cost per item and, as well, the carbon emissions per item.
  • Do some research — it’s easy to go through the About section of your favorite retailer to see how they opt to contribute to sustainability and social responsibility. If they don’t have any info, reach out! Making retailers understand that people prefer more eco-friendly and sustainable options is a big factor in them offering these options. Your voice matters. Some notable brands who are openly championing the eco-friendly movement include activewear brands Patagonia and prAna (unsurprisingly, outdoor-focused brands prefer that the outdoors be unspoiled!) and fast fashion brands Alternative Apparel and Everlane—proof that a large supply chain doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your ethics. Smaller more niche companies such as Bureo—a skateboard-focused brand—and Sunski—who make sunglasses out of recycled plastic—are also getting in on the action.

At the end of the day it takes all of us working together to push brands and retailers to effect lasting change. Your actions, however small, will contribute to that. Let’s be more mindful, more proactive, and more sensitive to how our purchases can affect the world around us.

Yohji Yamamoto To Launch Official International Web Store

Avant-garde fashionistas rejoice: Yohji has finally opened a site where transactions the interface is in English and transactions in USD. Called The Shop Yohji Yamamoto (what a mouthful), the new website will carry a majority of his product lines. Admittedly, navigation and filtering is still a little rough, but it’s definitely workable.

The launch of the store also marks the first time the prolific designer’s web exclusive brand S’YTE and progressive fashion concept label Ground Y will be available outside of Japan. If you weren’t able to make the trek to the Land of the Rising Sun to buy ’em, now’s your chance.

The Shop Yohji  Yamamoto is up and running now—an accompanying shopping app should be released in early September.

Our Curated List of Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s day is coming up in a couple of weeks and it’s about time to choose a gift. Don’t fall into the trap of buying whatever comes to mind from the nearest department store. Here’s our list of presents that can make any man feel like a distinguished gentleman of class and style:

Orient Mako II ($145.00 from

Watches are one of the few socially acceptable forms of jewelry for a man to wear, but aren’t quite as necessary as they used to be. That’s where the Mako II comes in—very few pieces in a man’s wardrobe are essential, but this may be one of the few watches to make the list. Simple, striking, and an incredible value for its price, the Orient Mako II ticks all the right boxes and does it with style. The case size comes in at 41.5mm in diameter and it’s about 13mm thick. You get an excellent stainless steel bracelet with a smooth operating push-button deployant clasp. In addition to the highly-regarded Orient Caliber F6922 movement, the Mako II also has a 120-click rotating diver-style bezel. It’s water resistant up to 200m, but isn’t advised for use in serious diving applications. We think that’s just fine for a day by the beach or out on the yacht.


Thirteen50 Natural Horween Chromexcel Bifold ($49.00 from

This is a simple, no-nonsense genuine leather wallet with ample room for cards and cash. Horween Chromexcel is a great leather that will age gracefully, just like a father should. The best part? It can be monogrammed for that extra little bit of customization.

Fitbit Alta HR (£150.00 from

Fitbit is the leader in the U.S. market for lightweight activity trackers, and with good reason. The Fitbit Alta HR is their most stylish tracker to date, and is exceptionally easy to wear. Other features include advanced sleep-tracking software, heart rate sensor, and enough battery life to last a week. You can even get accessory bands to make it look a little more upscale, like leather band pictured below.

Edwin Jagger Black DE Razor (£26.00 from

It’s never too late for a man to start shaving properly. Our pick from Sheffield-based Edwin Jagger has been making razors, brushes, and other wet-shave products since 1988. This simple double-edge safety razor will give a closer shave than almost any disposable razor you care to name, and it looks good too.

Polo Ralph Lauren Striped Silk Repp Narrow Tie ($125.00 from

Ralph Lauren makes good value ties—this classic piece is made of 100% silk and is made in Italy. At 3 inches wide, it’s the perfect width for almost any occasion without being too ostentatious. It also comes in two shades, so if you want a spot of pink to brighten up an otherwise drab outfit, this tie can do that.

Just a reminder: no matter gift which you choose, it typically takes two weeks to deliver a package to your door via air shipping once you’ve authorized your shipment through My Shopping Box, so ordering early is a good idea.

LEGO Coming Out with Harry Potter, Star Wars, and More Soon

While model trains aren’t exactly flying off the shelves these days, LEGO trains seem to be all the rage. The Creator Expert: Roller Coaster set pictured above not only has a working chain lift, 2 trains with 3 cars, and eleven minifigs, it also has an MSRP of a cool $379—which hasn’t seemed to deter die-hard LEGO fans. Also due for release is the Lego City Passenger Train set ($159) which is also part of the Powered Up sets.

LEGO releases an almost-absurd number of new franchise sets all the time, but fans of Star Wars and Harry Potter will want to sit up and take notice. These new sets take the amount of detail and polish to a new level. Here is just a sample of what’s going to be coming out throughout the rest of the year:

Quidditch Match Set ($39)

The Hogwarts Express Set ($39)

Isn’t this the cutest little Dementor?

The Hogwarts Great Hall ($99)

X-wing Starfighter ($79), release scheduled for August

Kessel Run Milennium Falcon ($169)

Y-wing Starfighter ($199)

Also really cool are the Powered Up sets that incorporate remote controls, smart device connections, and the LEGO Boost coding toolkit.

Among those is the LEGO Batman App-Controlled Batmobile, which is already causing something of a stir. It’s… admittedly a little more Humvee than Lambo, but that’s probably to account for the fact that it needs to house actual motorized parts and still be affordable. At an MSRP of $99, it’s a pretty good deal for the first ever LEGO Batmobile you’ll be able to actually drive. The Powered Up platform officially launches on July 1 with mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Most of these are rumored to be out in July or August, and will be available from the LEGO shop upon release.

Brand Highlight: Meermin Mallorca

Meermin was founded in 2001 by José and Sandro Albaladejo. The Albaladejos had been a famous cordwaining family for many decades. The brothers were previously part of Spanish shoemaker Yanko, which was the family’s main shoemaking business that was set up in 1961. Yanko itself can trace its roots back to 1866, when Matias Pujadas began shoemaking on the island of Majorca. Meermin was named after a classic sailing boat from the 50s owned by the family. For those of you who know Dutch, this should answer any questions about why a shoe company would be named after a mermaid.  The brand initially sold shoes primarily through high-end Japanese department stores a few years before opening their own retail spaces in Tokyo and Spain.

Meermin offer a range of footwear options on the dressier end of the spectrum. These include a range of close-laced oxfords, open-laced bluchers, loafers, and monkstraps. They also have an array of boots—both casual and dress—ranging from balmoral boots to chelseas in a range of leathers. While they do offer ready-to-wear options, they became popular for their very attractive made-to-order service, which has since been replaced with a crowd-funded group MTO service. For their RTW options prices start at €160 for the Classic Line and €260 for the higher-end Linea Maestro. The former use Goodyear Welt construction, while the latter are handwelted and typically use higher-quality or more exotic leathers. These prices also include 20% VAT, which can be taken off if you are outside the EU.

Meermin are supposedly made in Spain, but this is only half the story. The uppers are, in fact, stitched and lasted in China—these uppers are then shipped to Spain and then attached to the soles. While for most shoemakers this would signal a downturn in quality, Meermin actually trained the Chinese shoemakers up to Spanish standards. This allows them to offer the low prices they do. Plus, they look gorgeous, and have options for both men and women.

Meermin are probably the best value option out there right now if you’re just starting to get into quality leather shoes. The only possible issue is actually getting them! They’re usually difficult to purchase for customers outside of Europe in terms of shipping and customs charges. That’s why MSB offers a European shipping address just for these kinds of situations—simply have your items sent to your EU address and wait for our notification when it’s arrived and is ready to be shipped straight to your door.


Our Curated List of Mother’s Day Gifts

You didn’t think we’d forget, would you? Mother’s Day is just around the corner—don’t wait until the last minute to get your mom something. It’s easy to pop down to the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond or similar and just get something, but for those with a bit more discerning taste, here are our picks:

BC Footwear Breezy Open-Toe Bootie

BC Footwear has been on our radar for a while now. They’ve got a youthful, hippie-ish California style that’s incredibly easy to wear. Great spring-summer shoes for the young at heart. As a bonus, they’ve got vegan options for those who like to shop cruelty-free.

Estee Lauder Doublewear

The bottle may look plain but don’t let that fool you—this full coverage foundation delivers in every respect. It goes on easy, looks great, and, best of all, it feels good on your skin. It even stays on in humid weather or if you’re sweating, which is a plus for active moms.

Amazon Echo 2nd Gen

There’s a lot of smart speakers out there now but the Echo pretty much beats them all. Alexa is still the best voice assistant for smart home control, and only continues to get better. Both the tech-averse and the tech-savvy will appreciate how easy it is to use. This baby is a bargain, and even comes in 5 different finishes to fit almost any modern home.

Le Creuset Signature Dutch Oven

We’ve got some pretty fond memories because of these. Back in the day our own moms would serve up casseroles, beef stews, or brisket in them—it seemed like when the Le Creuset came out, the best dishes were soon to follow. Plus, look at that beautiful pink color! It’s gorgeous.

Kate Spade Solid Gold Bangle 

Simple and elegant. Less is more with this bracelet from Kate Spade—its lack of embellishment is its strong point, making it easy to pair almost any outfit.

Bonus: CeraVe Hydrating Micellar Water

This one might not be great as a gift on its own but it’s a fantastic add-on to anything you’re already planning to get. Why? Because this stuff is basically liquid gold if your skin is even the teensiest bit sensitive, making it a great first cleanser for makeup. The no-rinse formula just makes it even better.